Why A Penetration Testing Company Should Be Hired

Have you taken all of the steps necessary to make sure that your business is as secure as possible? The answer to that question is no if you are not using penetration testing. This process tends to get ignored by many business owners. Some people may think that it is the same thing as a security assessment or vulnerability scan. However, you need to understand that penetration testing is different from those two processes in a number of different ways. To learn what its benefits can be for your business as well as why you should hire a penetration testing company for your company, keep reading this article.

Introduction To Penetration Tests

Many people believe that all that a penetration does is look for vulnerabilities. However, what really sets it apart is being able to exploit those vulnerabilities. Security experts attempt to determine whether or not the vulnerabilities may be utilized for real-world security attacks and threats. This will allow you to rest assured knowing that any potential loopholes will be addressed before any damage is caused to your company.

It should be noted that automated tools are used for the penetration testing process. However, the focus lies with the security experts. Those are the individuals and teams that are equipped with the necessary experience, knowledge and skill to be able to figure out potential attacks on your business or to carry out the actions that are necessary in the event that your security has been breached already.

Automated tools can only take you so far, despite the many features they come with these days. The potential of the tools can only be maximized by the human mind, to allow them to spot any weaknesses within your security system and cut down as much valuable time as they can as well.

Why Penetration Testing Should Be Used

The major aim of a penetration test is determine whether or not the security controls that you currently have in place are sufficient enough to protect your company against real-world attacks. You might have heard news reports about skilled hackers obtaining access to the official websites of some large companies. Becoming the next victim is the very last thing you would want to happen. You don’t want to be forced to take action when there is a problem directly in front of you. What you want to do instead is take all of the necessary precautionary measure so that your business is kept as secure as you possibly can.

In addition Firmus in Malaysia said that there are situations where it is mandated for businesses that are part of certain industries to have penetration testing done. You need to ensure that all compliance is met by your company in order to provide your clients with secure and safe services. There are different types of penetration testing as well. You might not really know what the best thing for your business is, and if that is the case then you should hire a professional to get you started in the right direction.

Try getting recommendations from your colleagues if possible who have worked with penetration testing companies before. Another thing you can do is do an online search and compile a list of companies. Just be sure you do some additional research to learn more about the reputation and background of the companies that are on your list. That will enable you to compare what their services are in addition to their corresponding rates. The team needs to have credentials for backing up any claims they make. Although this process may take some time, it is definitely worth doing in order to maximize the security of your company.

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History of AERN

Here are some history about AERN

AERN- Business applications with neural networks Partners

  • Experts in Neural Nets, Artificial Intelligence and its real life applications for the enterprise.
  • Products specially designed for the financial market sector.
  • Applications for large corporations.
  • A huge number of process and systems are controlled by classical statistics techniques. Most of them can be highly optimized through the use of of non-linear elements and neural net techniques.


During 2003, several online courses on the use of neural nets and its applications, will take placce.

Information will appear on those pages.

Some of the courses will be free and others will not.

Course & Dates

Basic course on Sprinn, expert system for capital markets
Spring 2003
2 weeks
Advanced course on Sprinn, expert system for capital markets
Summer 2003
1 week
Neural net practical applications
Summer 2003
2 week
Neural nets marketing applications
Fall 2003
2 week