History of AERN

Here are some history about AERN

AERN- Business applications with neural networks Partners

  • Experts in Neural Nets, Artificial Intelligence and its real life applications for the enterprise.
  • Products specially designed for the financial market sector.
  • Applications for large corporations.
  • A huge number of process and systems are controlled by classical statistics techniques. Most of them can be highly optimized through the use of of non-linear elements and neural net techniques.


During 2003, several online courses on the use of neural nets and its applications, will take placce.

Information will appear on those pages.

Some of the courses will be free and others will not.

Course & Dates

Basic course on Sprinn, expert system for capital markets
Spring 2003
2 weeks
Advanced course on Sprinn, expert system for capital markets
Summer 2003
1 week
Neural net practical applications
Summer 2003
2 week
Neural nets marketing applications
Fall 2003
2 week


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