Social Media Marketing

Marketing trends have been changing over the years. In the twenty-first century, marketing strategies have shifted from print and television to the internet and social media platforms. Almost every big company that you can think of is currently involved in Internet-based marketing.

So, why the shift from the traditional methods to the internet? How is advertising achieved over the internet? How much do you really know about online marketing? This article is designed to equip the reader with basic information about how online marketing works. We will pay closer attention to social media platforms and attempt to discover the benefits of using such platforms as a marketing tool.

What Are The Social Media Platforms Used For Online Marketing Campaigns?

These are the day-to-day websites that we visit to mingle with our friends, stay updated with emerging issues as well as get entertained. They include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumbler among others. The reason as to why more and more companies are using these sites for marketing is now appreciable.

Social media platforms are a powerful marketing tool due to the high people who are constantly visiting the sites. Their presence guarantees a ready market for various products that are advertised on such websites. The higher the number of users of a particular social network, the higher is the market prospect.

For one to fully optimize their marketing strategies, they need to use a number of social media websites to promote their products. Creation of a fan page for your products is the most basic way of using tools such as Facebook for advertising.

What Is The Role Played By Facebook In Online Marketing?

Facebook is probably the most visited social media website in the world. It has the highest number of users and has the potential to grow considering that opening an account is very easy and costs nothing. The user interface is also very good making it the preferred social media platform for many.

Facebook allows individuals and companies to create a business page to promote themselves, their products, their events, and their exhibitions. It is also the role of the company to find people to “like” their page, becoming part of them.

The other amazing thing about Facebook is that it allows the company to take advantage of targeted ads. These are ads that are targeted to specific people that the product is tailored for. The advertising agency, therefore, needs to pinpoint the target group and then proceed to incorporate certain keywords, ages, locations or any other thing that will help direct the ad to the desired group of persons.

What Is The Role Played By Twitter In Online Marketing?

Twitter is another force to be reckoned with in social media platforms. It comes second to Facebook in the number of users across the world. Tweets are the short, about 140 characters, of messages that are shared among users of Twitter. Just like Facebook, Twitter also allows the advertising agency to create or open a Twitter account for their product and then find followers for the page.

Twitter offers an advantage over Facebook by allowing users to create trending topics and create talking points around those topics. If the trending topic is about an event or a product that your company has recently launched, then you are guaranteed to get a lot of publicity.

What Is The Role Played By Blogs In Online Marketing?

Blogs are yet another awesome way of increasing brand visibility using the internet. Various search engine optimization strategies have made use of blogs. The company is supposed to establish their blog that will be used exclusively for marketing purposes. In the event that the company has launched a product or planned for an exhibition, a blog post can be made using strong keywords.

The keywords used should be carefully selected as they are the ones that will determine whether your blog posts pop up whenever a user searches for specific information about your product over the internet.

What Is The Role Played By YouTube And Instagram In Online Marketing?

YouTube and Instagram are social media platforms where people share photos and videos. This provides a good place for marketing as people will be more drawn to videos and photos as compared to words. Keywords can also be used to complement videos and photos. Link building that uses images is dominant here.